Arkane A-Go-Go

This utility prop is a design variant of Stewart James’s “Go Go Vanisher” a gimmicked handkerchief that can be used to make a small object appear, disappear or even transform into a different object.

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This utility device is a design variant based on the “Go Go Vanisher” from Stewart James’s book The First Fifty Years (1989) – though it was first marketed by Harold Sterling already in 1947. As described therein, the vanisher was used as a table cover upon which an object was placed. This item would then vanish at the magician’s command.

This gimmick is a handkerchief that can be used to make a small object appear, disappear or even switch it for another.

The original design could easily be constructed by anyone possessing a bit of patience, however, it had some drawbacks – gravity could make a “vanished” object reveal itself by creating bulges in the handkerchief, where no bulges should be. The Arkane A-Go-Go solves this by building on, and refining, a design variant by Tom Stone.

These 42 × 52 cm handkerchiefs are made using quality cotton and are carefully hand stitched over several hours to make a durable product that will last.

2 reviews for Arkane A-Go-Go

  1. phillip

    So I have had this hanky over a month now and I cant say enough about this product it is incredible well made and downright misleading(in a good way) and sneaky . The prop itself is hand stitched and really well made in a variety of colours and It has Nikola’s own take on the product . It comes with written instructions and A tutorial video was sent It is extremely easy to use and can be used in a variety of effects from disappearances to reappearances to switches . I contacted Nikola about this device before they were available in her shop as I had read her chaos within lecture notes and wanted this prop . But could not find it anywhere she bent over backwards for me and had it in the post the same day and arrived extremely well packaged . I highly recommend this prop and the customer service is the best I have ever seen. Wish I could give it ten stars !!

    • Nikola Arkane

      Nikola Arkane

      Awe wow this has made my day. I really try to make sure everything I create works as it should and is good enough quality to be purchased and enjoyed by magicians – whom I consider friends and family! Thank you so so much for taking the time to tell me this. I have come up with. few ideas on other uses for it, and I’m hoping to video this when I have some free time. When I get this done I shall send you it to give you some more ideas. Thank you so much Phillip! I really appreciate the feedback. I hope you are keeping well my friend!

  2. Ottar Kraemer

    This went into my kids show the moment I played around with it. It is THE perfect transition between routines and works super well – and its extreme versatility makes it easy for when you have to transition between routines that typically do not follow one another.
    I could also see this product being used to commercial product spotlights in your magic show – let an old, obsolete product transform into whatever product your employer is offering!

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Dimensions 42 × 5 × 5 cm

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