Arkane Knotted Balls (6 pack)


These handmade Monkey Fist Balls are made out of paracord. Available in eight colours and two sizes (25 mm and 18 mm). They have a nice weight and heft, doesn’t roll and are easy to palm. Perfect for your Cups & balls routine. Each set contains 6 balls. A free custom pouch is included.

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These are Nikola Arkane’s favourite balls for Cups and Balls!

These handcrafted monkey fist balls are made with quality nylon paracord have a nice weight and heft. They are a dream to handle because of their slightly irregular shape. The balls are very easy to palm, and they don’t roll away on the table. Besides being easy to grip and manipulate, they are available in five bright colours which makes them easy to see even when the lighting is poor.

Instead of being limited to just one extra ball, these sets contain six balls! That means that you immediately can try out more advanced routines that uses more than one extra ball – for example Aldo Colombini’s routines.

Their sizes are 25 mm (1 inch) or 18 mm (0.7 inch).
Available colours: Orange, Red, Yellow, Green, Pink, Aqua, Lilac, Wine

A free custom pouch is included!

5 reviews for Arkane Knotted Balls (6 pack)

  1. Avatar photo

    Ottar Kraemer

    They are great – by far the best C&B balls I have ever used! 🙂 A vast improvement over the old crocheted ones.
    Perfect weight and really, really easy to palm even in my big hands.
    Colour really helps make the props ”pop” against the cups and close-up pad.

  2. Avatar photo

    Ted Elrick

    These are wonderful. Nice weight and feel. Already my cups and balls routine feels more polished. Much better than my red crocheted balls. I bought the orange and the color really pops. I’m sure it’ll amplify the effect. Great!

  3. Avatar photo

    Tom Briody

    Just received my six pack yesterday. The balls are gorgeous, the colors are vibrant, and their weight is just what I hoped— not too heavy, and not too light. I am so pleased to add these to my collection. Thank you again, Nikola!

  4. Avatar photo

    Ted Elrick

    Loved ’em so much, I needed to order a second set.

  5. Avatar photo

    Mark Young

    They do have a nice weight and heft! Reasonable postage as well which is important to me in this day and age of covid and brexit.

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Weight 100 g

2.5 cm, 1.8 cm


Aqua, Lilac, Wine, Orange, Red, Yellow, Green, Pink