The Doppler Shift


I honestly believe that the simple colour change is one of the most powerful effects performed in magic.  I have taken my love for colour changes and applied it to a classic in magic, Cards Across.

When you purchase the Doppler shift you will receive detailed instructions on how to perform the piece and also how to make up a set from scratch. Including special cards and the ‘tool’ required to make the effect work. High quality original drawings by Nikola Arkane that will take you step by step through the process of this piece. And finally the cards required to perform the piece. Video tutorial included also.

*The silks are used in my own interpretation of this piece and not a requirement to perform the effect.*

Arkane A-Go-Go

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This utility prop is a design variant of Stewart James’s “Go Go Vanisher” a gimmicked handkerchief that can be used to make a small object appear, disappear or even transform into a different object.

All done with Mirrors

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This card packet effect is based on The Four Card Trick from The Collected Works of Alex Emsley Volume 1 published by L and L and Stephen Minch.

The packet trick was first adapted and made by Nikola in 2014 with some blank playing cards and a sharpie marker. After revisiting it last year, it’s finally been transformed into a professional looking card trick which you can now purchase and perform.

Arkane Knotted Balls (6 pack)

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These handmade Monkey Fist Balls are made out of paracord. Available in eight colours and two sizes (25 mm and 18 mm). They have a nice weight and heft, doesn’t roll and are easy to palm. Perfect for your Cups & balls routine. Each set contains 6 balls. A free custom pouch is included.