This book explores the process of creating a full magic show for children. Pop is filled with eleven magic routines and tonnes of beautiful imagery from the last 15 years of FizzWizzPop working with children.

Paperback, perfect bound, A5 format, 130 pages.

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Overall, Pop is a great resource for a young or newer magician looking to create a kids’ show. Her charm and charisma jump off each page in a colorful, enjoyable manner that makes it clear that Nikola Arkane is very good at what she does.

Reviewed by Francis Menotti (page 77, Genii Vol. 85, No. 4, April 2022)

This book is quite simply a gold mine of information and well just really nice to read.

Phillip Cheape

In “Pop” Nikola explores the development of her popular and unique children’s character, FizzWizzPop!

Pop is written in the format of a show. Breaking down eleven full routines, Nikola manages to guide readers through what it takes to build a compelling and engaging magic show from start to finish.

Discover how to create professional layered magic for children

  • Show structure
  • Character
  • Creative ideas
  • Funding
  • Virtual shows and how performing on screen has improved live performances.

“I wholeheartedly believe, that it is my responsibility as the first magician most kids witness in their lives, to show them what real magic can be.” 

Written by Nikola Arkane.
Front cover photo by Martin Lundström..
Grapic design by Anders Moden.

ISBN: 978-1-8384817-0-4

Paperback, A5 format, 130 pages.

More information: How to book the POP lecture

2 reviews for Pop

  1. pcheape

    I just got this book today and to say it is fantastic is a understament . It is beautifully written I read it cover to cover her best work yet . Everything is clearly explained how she modifies tricks to fit her own style handling of volunteers, stages in a show and so much more this book is quite simply a gold mine of information and well just really nice to read . There is 11 full routines explained how she modified them and the thought process behind making each trick her own this process to me is the most valuable insights from a professional magican. If you are into childrens magic get this book if you arent still get this book it is completly worth every penny.

  2. Tommy

    I first watched Nikola do a lecture at the Blackpool magic convention and she was amazing. I managed to get a copy of her book POP and i cannot describe how much it has helped me with my own magic show not only with the structure but the overall flow of my show its full of brilliant and creative ideas and routines. If you’re looking into starting with magic, or even looking to update your show. THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU!

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