The Chaos Within


The Chaos Inside is Nikola Arkane’s first lecture notes, detailing her award-winning Magic Castle act.

This A4, 48 page PDF booklet is richly illustrated and easy to follow.

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I like the way Nikola writes and explains her materials. It’s more than a lecture notes, and I feel like she is talking to me while reading.
Horret Wu

Can we encourage ourselves to work and create original magic?
An answer to this question lies in a structured approach. Why a structure?

Yes, why a structure?

In this 48 page booklet, Nikola Arkane explains her approach to creating original magic, illustrated with examples from her close-up act. An act that made her the 2019 British IBM Champion of Close-up, and got her booked to perform a full week at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

  • Table of Contents
  • 4: Balancing Chaos
  • 8: A Girl’s Best Friend
  • 18: My Little Red Dog
  • 22: Chaos Checkpoint 1
  • 23: The Amazing and Incredible Magic Trick
  • 28: Chaos Checkpoint 2
  • 29: A Toast to Arkane
  • 34: Chaos Checkpoint 3
  • 35: No Alarms No Surprises
  • 47: Checkmate!

Written and illustrated by Nikola Arkane.

A4 format, 74 illustrations, 48 pages.

The performance start at 2:30 in the video

More information: How to book the “The Chaos Within” lecture.

2 reviews for The Chaos Within

  1. Marc DeSouza

    Stop, before you go any further, you need to watch the video of Nikola Arkane’s performance of her act at The Magic Castle. What a beautifully constructed act…well thought out and well performed by a talented and charming magician who is obviously in the moment when she performs. This set of lecture notes teaches, in detail, pretty much that entire act. You will learn the moves and sequences, but more importantly the thinking that went into creating and performing that material. This set of notes is beautifully produced and well written. You will be able to do the tricks, but can you perform them? Well, that is going to take more than just a set of notes to enable anyone to do that. You will need to invest yourself into thinking about this material and how you can adapt this to your own performance style. You could do no better than to go back and watch that video a few times more to see how Nikola has made that material her’s…now it is your turn. Bravo Nikola!

  2. Ted Elrick

    I was lucky enough to see Nikola at the Magic Castle. Now, I have the wonderful notes and get some ideas that I can incorporate into my own routine. Hope to see her at the Castle again real soon. Until then, I have the notes and the YouTube video to savor.

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