The Best kept secret in Magic is?

When the world feels like it has fallen apart and no one knows what to do for the best (God this sounds like song lyrics – perhaps I’ve been influenced by reading Rob Zabrecky’s book Strange Cures this week). In society there’s a real “them” “me” and “us” attitude naturally developing. At times it is very hard to keep those feelings at bay.

I seen it this week when I was sitting in Belfast’s Royal Hospital emergency room with my mum, who had a bad chest infection being segregated from others because she could potentially have the dreaded COVID-19 (Anyone with any symptoms is treated as if they have it now FYI). All she needed was some antibiotics which she gets quite regularly because of her pulmonary fibrosis. It’s scary seeing the effects can all have on others right now.

When someone close coughs, splutters, sneezes they immediately get the Death Stir (not Death Star though it might as well be). We are all afraid. We don’t know what we should be doing. Where the answers are and it’s easy to crumble.

It took me a few days of moping to pull myself up and out the other end and I have found a few things that have seriously changed my outlook the last 48 hours and I’m going to continue using them as tools to get through this. I call these tools…

The Arkane Anarchy Approach!

Why The AAA? Because alliteration is exactly what we need in times of crisis.

  1. Breathe
  2. Exercise
  3. Read every single book you have on the shelf.
  4. Talk to your family daily, let them vent, you vent get it out. Make sure they know we are all in this together.
  5. Arts and Crafts – making things can take your mind of everything even for a little while.
  6. Learn something new. A fact, a sum, a skill something you never believed you could do.
  7. Practice Magic like your life depends on it.
  8. Patience is needed more than ever. Give yourself time to reflect and be still and think before you speak or do.
  9. Think of others.
  10. Set goals to achieve in your homes and bedrooms so that when this period of fuckwittery is finally over we have something to aim towards and fight for! (I apologise for the swearing but a necessary emphasis was needed for the tenth approach).

And remember to keep the best kept secret in Magic close at all times… But Nikola. (I hear you all cry). What is the best kept secret in magic? Dare to click the link below to find out…

“Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.”

Mark Levi Accidental Genius Page 129


To all of you whom I have met and are now part of my Magical family, thank you for showing me magic. Thank you for being magic. And if you don’t believe it right now I am telling you, if you are reading this now… You are magic, keep up the good work! Lots of love and kisses.

We’re in this together and that means we enter together and exit together, no excuses!

Nikola Arkane aka FizzWizzPop

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