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Becoming FizzWizzPop is a semi-autobiographical book of ideas, stories and practical methods on how to entertain and captivate the hardest but most rewarding audience you will ever face, children. Prepare yourselves for horror stories and happy ones.

This A5, 92 page, soft bound book is filled with beautiful and colourful images from FizzWizzPop’s events, trials and tribulations over the years.
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Thanks for the fun, snot and confetti!

When a parent leaves a quote like this after a performance you just know that you have left behind some real memorable magic!
But how do we achieve memorable magic for children?
I’m afraid there’s no magic wand to grant this at once. It has taken me fifteen years to establish myself as the No.1 Kids Magician in Northern Ireland.
This is my journey and a step by step guide to working with children through performance and turning your love of magic into a successful business.
Prepare yourself for cringe worthy tales, the ins and outs of working with the trickiest audience in the business; the devil and a salty banana.
Welcome to Becoming Fizz WizzPop!

Written by Nikola Arkane.
Edited by Ottar Kraemer.
Grapic design by Anders Moden.

A5 format, 92 pages.

More information: How to book the “Becoming FizzWizzPop” lecture.

8 reviews for Becoming FizzWizzPop

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    Ottar Kraemer

    An entertaining read that is sure to hold many points of interest to any aspiring or professional performer – not just in magic but in any of the stage arts. Arkanes transformation from bumbling newbie to full-fledged, professional business woman with a worldwide reputation is inspiring to say the least.

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    Clare Childs

    At first glance this book seems like a manual to starting your own children’s entertaining business but it’s so much more. As I read each anecdote I could hear Nikola’s excitable bubbly personality in my head. She describes the tears and the woohoo moments as she journeyed her way to who she is now. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and particularly emotionally that is very true of a performer. Perhaps it does take a maniac to soar so high on adrenalin and pick yourself up when exhausted after a busy month to do it all over again. This book also gives a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes. The balloon models made the night before when just in from a gig and the multiple diaries for bookings while making a concerted effort to remember every child’s name. It’s not an easy job but it’s most definitely a real one and a very fun one. I definitely recommend that you buy this book.

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    Anders Modén

    The book is a piece of art in itself, every page could be framed and hung on the wall. It’s simply beautiful.
    Highly recommended.

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    Nalle Laanela

    This little book is the quintessential “how-to” become a children’s party performer.
    Nikola Arkane aka Fizz Wizz Pop is a Belfast based magician and this book is perhaps written to herself years ago when she really needed it that fateful day she decided to become a children’s entertainer.
    It is a delightful personal journey filled of failures and knowledge gained. It is written from a magician’s perspective but the knowledge shared in it is essential for anyway wanting to survive happily in a children’s party market. Or anyone who wants to perform for children period…
    “For me, five is the Magic Age. It the age where children are first curious about magic and truly believe in it…
    …Older kids are slightly more tricky. Their “too cool for school” attitude sometimes prevents them from entering your weird and wonderful world. They can (however) be guided into letting go of this attitude by how you interact with them.
    – Treating and speaking to them as equal helps
    – Be direct with them. Realistic and playful. They are not children but similar to performing for adults you can still have fun and engage them with magic.”
    page 32 + 34
    It is so easy in stressful performing situations to go quicker and louder. Nikola’s advice here to just be more real and accept the situation is in my opinion brilliant.
    Becoming Fizz Wizz Pop is truly an attempt to help the next generation of children performers to do well and so includes the entire process of show creation, show business theory and what her personal daily business practice is with scheduling, insurance and customer service.
    All these tricks of the trade are connected with funny and warm storytelling.
    I highly recommend this little pearl to anyone who is or wants to work as a wonder maker in the children’s entertainment business.

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    Colin irvine

    Just like J m Barrie’s Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up, fizzwizzpop is nikola Arkane’s little girl who never grew up, fizzwizzpop is is Nikola’s fantastic creation who not only brings the children she is performing to into her magical little world but also brings out the inner child from any adults watching her performance. I read her book in one sitting, once I started reading I couldn’t stop. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to become a part of nikola and fizzwizzpop’s wonderful little world, I am lucky enough to be a friend of Nikola but after reading this book I feel like I am now a friend of her wonderful little magical alter ego too. Becoming fizzwizzpop is a super little book which takes you on the journey nikola and fizzwizzpop travelled to make this magical little character one off the most loved children’s entertainer working today.

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    Hanna Günther

    This book made me want to become a children’s entertainer and magician. It ignited a spark in me 🙂 I can highly recommend this to anyone who wants to perform for children or adults. Aside from a lot of useful ideas it’s authentic and funny written! Very inspiring and I promise you, ideas will pop up while reading so have a notebook and pen ready!

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    Chris Wardle

    This is a great book! Lots of practical tips and insights and some wonderful examples of what really works when entertaining and getting control of a young and potentially demanding audience – great stuff!

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    A fun and easy read!

    Not only is this book packed with wonderful tips and insights throughout which are given based on experience; the book is also an interesting look into Nikola’s journey into how she started performing magic for children.

    I love learning about how people have achieved what they have in their life and how they got there. Nikola highlights key moments that led her on her path to being one of the best and most professional children’s entertainers Nothern Ireland has ever seen. Through her experience, she reveals in this book the ups and downs of this form of magic performance but most importantly she shares the techniques and skills she’s learned to run a successful magic business.

    If you would like to learn about getting into performing for children, the basic mechanics of running a magic business or just want to hear her story then this is the ideal book for you!

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