The Lone Ranger

Working as a magician means you are self employed and essentially on your own. During 2020 with all that has happened in the world it is extremely easy to feel alone.

When you are a creative person, you are a sharing person. And it is extremely difficult not have a purpose at this time when it is usually one of our busiest times of the year. Halloween cancelled and the governments saying they are doing all to save Christmas when the likeliness of that honestly is slim too.

What will be, will be…

As the U.K teeters on the edge of full shutdown I find myself giving into the year in that, what will be will be. Governments make decisions, lockdowns happen and the things we want to be doing simply cannot be done right now. It’s sad, and tiring and we are all yearning for a slice of normality again.

I remember in July this year accepting that this year would just be a non-year. I would do whatever it takes to not be too disappointed in things that did not happen. And grateful for all that has been able to happen.

What will be will be! Nothing we do can change this virus or it’s path right now. But what we can change is what we do with our time in this our second lockdown.

There is very little of this year left.

Hopefully one day we can look back on this year not only as a devastating one for humanity and livelihoods but as a year of creativity. So I challenge you all to use the last two months wisely. Here are some of the things I intend to do with the time I have left.

  1. I intend to read a book I have always wanted to read.
I’m starting yet another of my magical indulgences… the sheer joy of reading Max Maven’s writing!

2. Aiming to use the rest of this year to spend quality time with my family and the ones I love, whether that be in person or virtually at least once a week. Stay in contact with them, we all need each other right now.

3. Finally I am taking time for me. To relax, chill, play my Nintendo switch (which I bought to relax and haven’t played really at all since I bought it over a year ago). Eat nice food, laugh and appreciate that this year has been hard enough on everyone. It is high time we let go of this year and made out peace with it. As much as possible.

Reach out to the magic world. Do what you can to share, inspire and help this beautiful art thrive because it will be ready for us when this pandemic is well and truly done. I am always here to talk to and help.

With everything going on in the world right now… this is what was needed this week. A big hug from me in the form of a blog post. Love ya all loads.

Nikola x

P.s. Well bloody done on making it to November everyone! Let’s hope we can get through the next two months without any more surprises. Lets definately avoid a Zombie Apocalypse or Alien Invasion – that’s all we need, right?


    1. Thanks Rodney, we need to keep cheering each other on this year has been tough on us all. We will get through this and magic will be stronger for it too. Take care x

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