The FizzWizzPop Virtual Advent Calendar

Since my blog is now complete I will not be posting up events anymore. Before it vanishes with a FizzWizzPop! I wanted to do one final blog post to let you know about this project. It’s a hidden section on this website so in order to find it you need this link below…

Why go virtual?

When I first went into lockdown this March I turned my tiny bedroom in Belfast into a studio. Making shows for charities supporting families during this time when little or no support was available from governments. I made very little money of these projects. Barely enough to pay bills.

However being creative kept me sane. Also felt like I was giving something back to my community and to children; who I felt at the time needed magic most.

I began to realise Christmas this year would not be the same for most families, including FizzWizzPop! With every event cancelled and none coming in I had to come up with a plan. But one that might not only support myself but support others at this time.

The Goal

I wanted to create a way to get my magic out to children daily. That would not only keep a connection with FizzWizzPop to the real world; but keep live performance going for children in the safest way possible. The question was what could I do and when would it be feasible to create something professional enough to promote?

In September 2020 I set myself a crazy goal. To make, create, record and edit 25 videos for a virtual advent calendar. I had no idea how to create this or where to begin. So I started the only way that I know how, with performance.

I set my studio up and got working. For a full month solid. I practically dressed as an elf most days to record all the magic. I cannot tell you how messy my room got and how many sleepless nights I had. But I did it. I met the goal. And thanks to Tom creating a secret platform on my website the live and the virtual came together.

The Catch

As with everything I do, I want to give back to the world. But right now I am struggling and I need help too. So I cannot give the calendar away for free.

To join the adventure and receive 25 unique videos from FizzWizzPop live everyday this December from 9am. The cost is just £27.00. (That’s £1.08p per video). Per household/screen.

*It’s important that you know this calendar is set up in a way to prevent piracy. So only signed up members can view the videos. They cannot be shared or embedded anywhere else. I did this so that the people who have paid for the calendar benefit from the project most. To make it a special, unique experience for those who join up.

For the amount of work I put into this project I guarantee it will be worth it.

Every calendar day is different and will be filled with music, jokes and magic.

There are individual tricks, full shows, crazy characters, a magic tutorial, a juggling tutorial, a balloon snowman tutorial, crafts and more.

Each day the performance last between 5 and sometimes 20 mintues. Depending on the activity which I think is perfect time to squeeze into busy December with the family.

And Christmas Day will have more than one video on it for the whole family to enjoy.

The calendar can be purchased in batches too so if you know a company that might like to join in on this adventure please feel free to share with others whom might be interested in this as an alternative gift for staff and their families this December.

Or indeed if you would like to purchase more than one and give to support a charity or someone that might benefit from your gesture please email Nikola at

Thank you for reading and supporting my endeavour to make magic happen this December for children!

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