In need of therapy!

As I look back on the last few years I’ve done a lot haven’t I?

I’ve had some highs, there have been some lows. And I can report thats the lows are definitely on a less than normal level in recent years woohoo!.

There have also been some moments I have encountered that have been laugh out loud amazing. So much so, I felt the need to vent them in a blog.

Not only to highlight the sheer madness of things that happen to me when I perform but also to remind myself that I am human – I know it’s difficult to remember this when most of the time I have super magical powers.

Relish in the buffoonery that follows.

Chest Pains

At a surprisingly energetic evening show for Scouts a child responded with something I’ll quite simply never forget.

The audience were roaring with laughter, I was on fire as FizzWizzPop and then when I released a flying butterfly from a card which flew right into my face (a-la the image below) I stopped, took a breath and spontaneously added to my script “That gave me a heart attack”!

Without a beat a small boy responded with…

“My mum had a heart attack…”

Try coming back after that line in a kids show!

Petite Profanities

During The FizzWizzPop Magic Show, a child helper gets to turn a pretend Oreo into a real bunch of Oreo’s for the entire audience to eat and share. I kid you not this really did happen. A five year old upon opening up the cookie jar yelled in front of an audience of kids, adults and most importantly their parents…

“F*$K, sweet Jesus!”

Crash Test Granny

If you think Metal appearing canes aren’t dangerous, think again!

When I first learnt this effect I performed it and managed to smack (and I mean full pelt) an older lady on the head with my cane.

It was so obvious I hit her. I was so new to magic and embarrassed that I didn’t even apologise I just continued on with the show. I ran out the door as fast as iI could when my show was done!

I will never forget the look that lady gave me… ever!

The Jumping Stool Incident

I like to believe I am a creative person. But sometimes in our creativity we forget to think logically about our creations.

I created a way to sit on a jumping stool using a prop book. I must emphasise the word “SIT!”

Upon finishing a show where I didn’t even use the effect but had carried it with me (always good to carry extra props just incase) the group I’d just performed for wanted to take a picture with me in it. They were a huge group of people and I am quite small at 5 foot 3″.

So I thought I know what I’ll do. I’ll take my jumping stool/book creation and stand on it as they’ll see me over the tops of their heads. And of course I can stand on it, I’m not that heavy and it’s only for a moment.

Nothing could have prepared me for what happened next.

I stood upon the book/stool. Within seconds it collapsed flat with me still standing on it, I’m a bit shook up but generally fine, I then continue by stepping away from the stool, clearly forgetting it is actually a jumping stool. As the stool is loaded with a book, stepping off it turned it into a giant catapult that shot the book straight at my face before plummeting to the ground after its grand adventure!

If anyone was to zoom in on the photo that was taken seconds after me yelling “I’m fine” and hobbling in for a group picture they would definitely have noticed blood dripping down my face!

Not all the fun stuff happens in kids shows!

In March 2024, I was lucky enough to perform at The World famous Magic Castle in Hollywood for the third time. This time in the Palace of Mystery. I’m relatively new to performing for adult audiences and I don’t yet think as sharply as I do when performing for children – say’s the girl who stood on a jumping stool!

To make an effect of mine run smoother, I go out in the audience before the show and get three tarot cards signed by members of the audience, which they then hold until I ask for them back during the show. And it is, of course, important that I get them back when asked for.

Seconds before starting a show mid week Tom said to me, “What would happen if someone lost a card in the toilet or something, in the time between they sign the card and the start of the show? Do you have an out for that?” And at that moment I simply did not know. It had never happened before as I had not been performing this effect much outside of staged performances.

So we devised a plan incase this occurred. I planted a spare card with the word “SPARE” written on it behind my card stand on stage as a failsafe if this ever where to happen.

Fast forward to my effect in that exact show and the final person I came too to collect the card was looking a bit red faced. I came to realise he was blushing because he had actually managed to lose the card I got him to sign.

“Never mind” I ran up on stage, produced the extra card and proclaimed “I carry a spare!” a card that just moments before the show had been put into play – I’ve never looked more professional!

I suppose though this advice I could have easily ignored as it had never happened before. But if I didn’t listen to the advice from another performer who is more experienced with this type of audience I really would have been trouble.

Moral of the story is make sure the people you chose to work with are more experienced than you. Or rather listen to your peers.

Pandora’s Box

I am literally just touching the iceberg with these stories above. I hope you can relate to them and laugh as I now do.

Perhaps you have some fun stories to share also?

If so, please post them in the comments below so that I have proof that I am not the only one trying to navigate a path safely on stage when everything around me is trying to undermine my well made plans and creations!


  1. Jumping stools scare the c**p out of me.
    I bought one for my show at the Blackpool convention, and in the following weeks of rehearsals I had injury after injury, my shins were raw and I was covered in bruises from it’s erratic jumping and snapping at me. I eventually got it all worked out so I now perform it safely, but whenever I use it I keep it hidden till I’m on stage in case someone tries to sit or stand on it.
    The public have no idea that when you’re a magician everything that looks safe is actually dangerous, and everything that looks dangerous is actually safe!

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