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This week has been a tough ole week for me. Tummy pain, headaches, vomiting and delirium followed by a doctor trip and two trips to the hospital. It would only happen to me during a pandemic!

Whilst that all was happening I managed to perform a magic workshop and two magic shows virtually in my bedroom. I do not recommend it to anyone! I have to remember that when my bodies telling me I’m ill, I need to rest up. But it’s hard as I just hate letting people down. I’m still not feeling great and if things aren’t better by this afternoon I’ll have to make my way to the hospital again. Though they do say third time’s a charm.

As I haven’t been well, I’ve been able to (for once) sit back and take in more of what others are creating. I was inspired and choked laughing at some posts this week.

I thought it might be nice for me to use this post to share my ‘Best Of’ videos that I’ve watched this week in the hope to cheer myself up. And remember that being sick isn’t all that bad with friends and family sharing things to make me smile daily.

Best Artwork

My friend Ottar from Sweden introduced me to a friend of his whom is an artist that creates paintings with coffee. Her name is Kotte Konst and its really worth while checking out her website below. `There’s something really magical in these paintings. https://kottekonst.se/galleri/kaffemalningar/

Best Joker

I don’t know about you, but there is always someone on Facebook whose posts make me smile daily and Quentin Reynolds posts do that. From Ireland originally his wit and timing are impeccable and his posts truly match his magical performance style.

This post had quite a morbid sense of humour but it literally made me choke reading it!

Best Magic Effect

I am a member of Carissa Hendrix’s Spark Creative group on Facebook. For the past six weeks I have been truly grateful for her inspirational prompts every Monday to create. Even if I’m not feeling up to it, as I was this week, I have tried to find a way to contribute something. The amount of crazy creativity going on in this group from the array of talented people is mind blowing! It’s filled with colour, laughter and magic. Exactly what we all need during this pandemic.

A member of Spark Creative, Curtis Kam very kindly has let me share this on my blog. This is incredibly smart, creative and I thought you all might like to see it too.


Best Image

This picture speaks for itself!!!

Best Song

I am biased with this next one haha. When I wasn’t feeling well I decided, after an idea came to me(at 3am in the morning) to learn the ukulele for a show that I was performing for children and families under the care of Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice. Immediately after the show I began vomiting and was rushed to A and E. Just before that crazy episode, I managed to record myself in costume singing and playing it. Evidence that I myself did something creative this week.


Best Funny Video

I wish I was able to share this with you, however the owner removed this post yesterday and I’m gutted because it was truly laugh out loud hilarious. If any of you got to see the video of the make up artist called Jaime French @jaime.french (Instagram) who drew a tiny nose and mouth on top of her nose and put a scarf round covering her real mouth you will know what I’m talking about.

SURPRISE and joy of all joys. I found it. This is EPIC!


That’s all folks!

To end this Pick ‘n’ mix blog of my favourite videos this week, here is a feel good, hilarious one. Hope it makes you laugh as much as I did the first time and every time since watching it!

Wait… maybe I shouldn’t be laughing because this is totally how real life has been for me this week. Severe impacted constipation sucks but perhaps this girl can answer why this has happened to me?

There we have it folks, a random mix of creativity for you to absorb and enjoy. Remember keep creating for yourself in this time. Thinking creatively will help you ride this storm.


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  1. My dear friend, much as I am relieved to hear you are realizing how important it is to actually rest when you are ill, make no mistake I will bookmark this blog post to shove in your face should you ever ignore you own advice in the future. <3
    Please get well soon!

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