Is talent your new superpower (3) Supporting material!

The further you go in this competition the people making the show, a.k.a. the producers, will begin to ask for supporting material to help them tell your story clearly on screen. This can take the form of answering questionnaires, filming yourself, getting others to film support videos and also filming live with the people around you. I.e. The people who come with you to your audition day to support you, family, partners etc. 

Linking back to my last post about building a story for your journey, it’s very easy as this point to loose focus on the narrative you wish to tell.

When gathering this support material the producers begin to hone in on what it is they would like to see. Occasionally, the material they ask for becomes very specific and it is ok if you are not comfortable to supply them with something they have asked for to say no. That you are not ok with that.

When I auditioned, they really (and I mean REALLY) wanted to interview Tom throughout the process. I lost count of the times they asked for photographs of us both. At times the pressure got to me and I cried some. However, I stuck to my story because it is – MY STORY – to tell.

Although my story included my desire to move here to Sweden, to be with Tom, we both agreed that this inclusion of him as a token part of the tale wouldn’t ultimately be good. If the production focused on Tom (my boyfriend) the audience would not focus on me wanting a life in Sweden for more than just that reason. The real reasons why I love it here. The people, the food, the culture and of course the amazing magic and community that I am becoming a part of.

So remember, don’t loose yourself pleasing the shows agenda. Create your own! 

Me weaving my story at the Talang auditions

Thankfully (not for Tom) on my audition day Tom could not come with me because he was really ill.  And in the end, auditioning without him was THE best thing that could have happened for my experience.

Right from my audition, I had to survive by myself and stick to my story (that we had prepared beforehand) alone. All the interviews I did on the day where all focused on me and I feel that the audition pre-video that was shown was personal and very Nikola without the influence of others. The producers had no-one else to focus on, so I became the star – me. This choice will probably be the most selfish and selfless thing you do in the process. And one that just might guarantee your survival.

Here’s a discount code for the “Duality” app just for you

Last week I mentioned that I got to work on a lovely project with the guys from Cobra Magic making an example video for their new app Duality. As a thank you for my work on their video, Cobra have given me a 10% discount code for you, my Arkane blog readers and subscribers.

The app is pretty darn cool and a great way to engage families and children with an onscreen effect. Particularly with my contribution as FizzWizzPop.

Click the links below to find out more from Cobra’s website. The 10% discount code is Arkane2022 and is valid for purchasing Duality Pro. If you use your phone and apps as part of your performances, you must add Duality to your collection of effects.

Duality Lite

Duality PRO

Preview of my Duality Video for the App

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