Is talent the new superpower (5) Be kind!

One thing you might forget about when you are under this HUGE amount of pressure is the other people around you.

Believe it or not, but everyone is under the same, if not more pressure than you are. And I’m not just talking about your fellow contestants.

Lots of pressure falls onto the volunteers, the staff, producers and crew essentially everyone you meet in this process who is running around like bat-shit crazy to make sure everything goes smoothly. And ultimately, it is those people, those unsung heroes that will be making you look and feel like a star.

I realised when I arrived at my auditions that if I took some time with everyone I met. Got to know them a little by asking them their names and find out what part they are playing in this wheel of talent making alongside normal, fun conversations. In doing so the hope was to build a genuine rapport with the team. My thinking behind that was, if I was kind to everyone around me they would hopefully return the kindness back. And they would want to help make things easier for me on the days I spent with them.

And, going back to my FizzWizzPop roots, they would remember me. Remember my kindness. Making memorable connections with those around me.

This is a good first impression, right?

It’s all about first impressions. I truly believe that. And if you leave a good one people are more than likely to get behind you and give you the support need. For example, when I was performing my audition piece (my cups and balls) on stage, I was told the entire backstage crew ran to the screens to watch my act. This was after spending an entire day talking, joking, dancing and having much fun with them before I took to the stage.

Remember its a long day for everyone (my audition was third from last on my audition date) and you can either be doom and gloom about it or, you can use your personality to brighten the day for everyone involved.

Your attitude can change other peoples attitudes. So be positive, upbeat and enjoy the day because no matter what the outcome you should aim to make the experience a fun and memorable one for everyone involved. That includes yourself!

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