Inspiration is all around us!

As I put together my act to compete at F.I.S.M Europe in just two weeks time, I find myself looking for inspiration – everywhere!

To keep myself inspired, creative and most importantly maintain a positive outlook in the build up to this huge life event, I have been surrounding myself with fun things.

That includes fun

  • People
  • Food
  • Walks in the sunshine
  • Music
  • Magic
  • All of the above

I find doing this helps in a process that could become stressful quite easily remain exciting and rewarding throughout. Even though there are MANY late nights and problems to solve, if my mood is good, the act will become good and I’ll hopefully enjoy this experience even more.

Having a positive outlook can be useful as a creative artist.

As I’ve been surrounding myself with things to help my mood I realised that there are many things outside of magic that I am inspired by.

Usually we are asked as magicians who inspires your magic and it is mostly expected for us to talk about other magicians in our industry.

But what about the things that inspire us outside of magic? Aren’t those things and people important too?

So here are a few things that are top of my inspiration list and my go too references when I need a pick me up!

Yep – I’m a Swiftie!

I’ve never been more proud to admit something in my life – this lady truly rocks!

Taylor Swift is slaying the world right now. She’s appears to be good person, super creative and every time I listen to her music I feel empowered. I’m proud to be a woman knowing she is out there being an incredible role model for us all. If you haven’t already, please listen to her music. It’s catchy, fun and sometimes moving. Her latest album is quite raw and rugged but I kind of like this different side to her. She’s not afraid to change styles and try new things. And my word her outfits!!!

If you haven’t already check out Taylor Swift on Spotify. I’m literally just listening to her new album. If I’m building a prop or mending something I usually put some Taylor Swift on in the background to keep me motivated.

Tim Minchin

When I was 19 I got the amazing opportunity to work at the Belfast Festival at Queens thanks to knowing the Artistic Director of the Festival, James McFetridge. I was stationed at Elmwood Hall, a venue that was most suited to music and comedy events. I was the stage manager and my job was mostly to look after the acts, cool right!?

Whilst working there I met the most unlikely of characters that would change the way I thought of stage performance for good. It was non-other than the illustrious, hilarious and downright genius comedian and songwriter – Tim Minchin!

As I did not know who Tim was at the time I just treated him like anyone else I came into contact with. It was only after this experience I realised who he actually was. Once he was happy backstage I was able to go out front and watch his show and I was blown away! His music was delightfully and entertainingly good. He played piano in his bare feet and he had a real connection with the audience that I hadn’t see at that venue before. Also the staging, lighting and wind fan were a fun edition to his music. It was the first time I was inspired (outside of magic) as an artist.

If you do not know Tim’s work please go and check him out here. Also here is one of my all time favourite songs that secured my undying loyalty to Tim as a fan – Canvas Bags.

Your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman!

We are living in an age where pretty much most of the year immortal superheroes are brandished across our screens and quite simply we all kind of want to be one. Since I was a little girl my favourite superhero was Spiderman and I still think to this day this is the most well adapted comic book story to screen.

In terms of inspiration though, Spiderman or rather Tom Holland was brought to my attention just before he became our friendly neighbourhood hero when he performed on the television show “Lip Sync Battle.”

Although he doesn’t rate this performance now that he is actually “famous”, I do believe that his performance here is a wonderful example of what you can achieve if you put absolutely everything you’ve got into a project.

It’s so unbelievably strong. He is confident and fierce and I am truly inspired by his attitude in this performance just WOW!

What are you waiting for? Go and watch this right now clicking here.

Inspiration is all around us all we have to do is keep our eyes open for it.

So where do you get your inspiration from? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I get my inspiration mainly from two places:
    1: hanging out with creative people like yourself
    2: taking in as much live entertainment and culture as possible – both within magic and all the other arts!

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