Final blog of the year – time to reflect on 2019

The final blog post of the year will be an introspective one.

Having more than one day off this week – (who am I kidding? Those who know me know that I never rest – for too long).

I decided to recap 2019 for myself as it is sometimes easy to forget the things we do. And I wanted to look back, learn and grow from this year continuing into 2020 with a bang!

2019 has been a very eventful year. A year of travel, growth and a year of learning to re-wire my brain – for the better.

A new name and upping the game this year

This year I took my new namesake“Nikola Arkane” seriously and I am proud to say it is who I am now.

Slowly I’m trying to pursue and make a name for myself in the magic industry. Discovering who Nikola Arkane is as a character has been the greatest journey this year. This character has a lot of me in there.

And over this year she has gained in confidence. Become more knowledgable and began performing globally. All thanks to support from you out there who chose to have a little faith in me.

Rejoicing with my best friend Say Jay after finishing my very first performance week at the Magic Castle in Hollywood Los Angeles

You, seeing something inside me, made me begin to believe in myself! (It has only taken ten years in the making).

In just one year

  • I performed in five different countries. Ireland, England, Norway, Sweden and America (twice).
  • I entered my first solo stage competition.
  • I won the International Brotherhood of Magicians British Ring Close up Competition 2019 and the Ali Bongo Micro Marathon.
Winning the IBM British Ring Close up Competition in Eastbourne September 2019
  • I achieved one of my lifelong goals performing at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood in two rooms: The Close up Gallery and The Parlour of Prestidigitation as FizzWizzPop!
Performing in the Close up gallery at the Magic Castle 23rd – 29th September 2019.
  • I wrote my very first book on performing for children, Becoming Magic.
Book by Nikola Arkane
My book Becoming Magic thanks to Anders, Ottar and Tom.
  • I begun performing at corporate events. Something I was terrified off a year ago.
  • I have been invited to perform my first ever lecture in February 2020 for the Pentacle Magic Club in Cambridge which I am piecing together lecture notes from scratch. Drawing my own pictures. Learning how to write up effects.
Uppsala Magic and Comedy Festival April 2020

What a year! A year of magic and wonder that I could not have predicted the year previous.

That’s just it. Life is a journey. It has ups. It has downs. This year I’ve just become better at riding the wave and pushing myself to achieve my goals.

Mindset is key

One of the things that has helped me along the way is saying yes to everything! No challenge is too big. Completing a goal is the only objective. Every goal is possible if you put your heart and soul into it, I truly believe that after this year. If I can do it you can too. Just say yes!

3 things I’ve changed in 2019

  • I’ve begun to put myself first.
  • My wants and dreams have been prioritised.
  • I’ve become independent as a person and performer.

It is amazing to see what you can achieve in just a year with very small changes.

In 2019 I received messages, hugs, jokes, pictures, emails, smiles, visits, adventures and more from family and friends, that’s blood family and magic family and just friends and people I have met. I really could not be where I am without you all.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

So, to summarise 2019 taught me…

Positive mind makes positive creations

Creating magic with a positive attitude opens doors.

Ideas flow more fluidly – thanks to my trusty notebook by my side.

I am truly excited in life and in love with magic!

Happy New Year!

May 2020 kick our butts.

Bring adventure!

And…show us the way to find more wonder in our lives and in magic.

Onwards with courage!

Nikola Arkane December 2019
The end of a year marks the beginning of new adventures.

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