Blog on Strike!

The reason this blog exists is because of my sheer determination and compulsiveness to see the deadlines through!

I am exhausted! I’m fed up with this year and the restrictions that have been placed on my work and life. This year has brought out the best and the worst in me and today I have hit rock bottom. I’m tired. Tired of my room being my studio. Having literally no where to put my stuff. Practically everyday having to clear my bed just so I can sleep. I’m done with rules changing day in day out – what we can and cannot do being questioned. It’s so exhausting building myself up for good things and being let down all the time.

So today my blog is on strike. I’m not writing, creating, making, doing, talking, joking, nothing!

Today is my official day off – over and out!

A little thank you for continuing to follow my journey. Even when I go on strike!

Last week I got the wonderful opportunity to visit my nephews P5 class in school. They are studying Harry Potter in class. Rather than have Matthew and his classmates remember this year as the year of calamity; my sister arranged to have me perform on their last day of school. Which actually became their last day of school.

Our second full lockdown has sadly been put into place here in Northern Ireland.

This show is probably one of the most inventive magically I’ve been. Well I say that after creating over twenty brand new magic shows since lockdown began. Perhaps it is because it is a world I relate too.

As a gift I would like to share it with you all. Since Halloween has been cancelled for FizzWizzPop – normally my favourite time of year – I thought you might enjoy this special treat!

On that note I end this blog post on at least a happier note. At least I can make magic exist for others even if I cannot make it happen for myself.


  1. Here, Here! Power to the Workers! Will miss, but I’m sure the ideas will percolate will you’re resting. 🙂

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