A Quick Fix!

June for me is always one of the busiest months of the year as since starting FizzWizzPop I’ve built up relationships with many schools in Northern Ireland and at the end of the school year they wish to treat their pupils to some fun – some FizzWizzPop Magic!

I stumbled across I problem in one of my first shows of the day and I still had one more to go. A prop literally broke in my hands.

Now this prop I am very used to it breaking down ofter. And having to fix it.

The prop is The Silver Sceptre.

As most people who use this prop will know, it is quite easy to fix if you have elastic with you – I usually do just incase. But my supply had run out and for some reason I forgot to replace it.

I had no time in-between my events to go to a material shop to buy some elastic.

I half decided that I would just leave the trick out of the show and fix it properly when I got home.

Thinking outside the box

On my way to the last event, I had time to run into a garage to grab a quick drink.

At most U.K. garages or petrol stations, we usually have a little utility shelf that has odds and ends. Usually Scissors, candles, thread, balloons etc. Thinking that there might be some elastic hanging beside the needles – nope! Maybe they might have some rubber bands – nada!

I almost gave up. But as I gave myself a little extra moment to think I stirred blankly at the shelf. And then – BINGO – I can fix this with…


The only thing on the shelf that could do the job I needed was elastic hair ties.

  • Were they the right colour? No. (You can’t see it in the picture but at the other end there are three black bobbles).
  • Were they long enough? Definitely not.
  • But if I cut and tied five or six of them together it just might work and hold for one show.

And it did.

Demonstrated beautifully by my dad!

I hope this reminds you all that we can problem solve our way out of anything if we put our minds to it.


  1. Hahaha this is SO relatable! Can’t count the number of times I’ve had to build a temporary prop in the field when we toured the fire shows and our dear performers either broke, lost or forgot props left and right.

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