Why a book?

Why did I choose to write Becoming FizzWizzPop now?

After performing for children for the last 15 years, I found myself being asked advice on how to work with children – a lot.

I realised upon answering these questions that I was not only able to eloquently express the key tools that I use and have developed in helping me successfully manoeuvre around this potentially tricky audience, but I was able to give advice on other essential skills like character, how to structure a show & also how make a successful business from creating wonder for children .

There is so much material out there for magicians to develop tricks for a show, I.e the props, the routines however, I haven’t found too many books that highlights what it actually takes to entertain kids for a full hour. Nobody talks about this. So I wanted to create a book that if I was starting all over again, it would help me realise what I needed to become a real magician, a role model for children.